Marriage on the Rock, 25th Anniversary Edition

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Marriage on the Rock, 25th Anniversary Edition


The 25th Anniversary Edition of Jimmy Evans’ bestselling book, Marriage on the Rock, is here and now available for purchase. This special edition provides an updated perspective on practical principles to help you and your spouse have the marriage of your dreams.

The same life-changing content now made even better. In this revised and expanded 25th Anniversary Edition, Jimmy Evans helps readers learn how to have a solid, healthy and lasting relationship built on the foundation of Christ.

While many people desperately want a marriage that works, fewer of them really believe they can experience success. In this book, Jimmy Evans discusses practical, real-life challenges and offers easy solutions on how to have a healthy and thriving marriage. Whether you’ve been married for years or are just preparing for the journey, Marriage on the Rock is the essential resource that will transform your relationship.

This book will also teach you:

  • Why no person can meet your deepest needs
  • How to make marriage a top priority
  • How to understand and meet your spouse’s needs
  • The different ways men and women communicate
  • How to achieve maximum sexual satisfaction
  • Skills for raising great kids even in a blended family

For those who have already read Marriage on the Rock, here is what you can expect in this Anniversary Edition:

Revised Content
Over the past three decades, Jimmy Evans has expanded his teachings on marriage, these are now reflected in this edition of the book.

Expanded Chapters
Each chapter has been reevaluated and rewritten to include more information than ever before.

Available for the first time, the unabridged audiobook of Marriage on the Rock, narrated by the author himself.

Same Great Resource
Marriage on the Rock has helped thousands of couples all over the world build a stronger, healthier marriage.

Jimmy and Karen Evans have been called by God to change the tide of divorce in America. Their non-condemning, nonconforming, compassionate and caring message is exactly what our society needs.

Jimmy is one of America’s leading authorities on family and marriage relationships. He is the Founder and CEO of MarriageToday, a ministry that is devoted to helping couples thrive in strong and fulfilling marriages and families. Jimmy has authored more than seventeen books, including Marriage On The Rock, Strengths Based Marriage, and The Overcoming Life. Jimmy and Karen have been married for 46 years and have two married children and five grandchildren.

To enjoy your own copy of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Marriage on the Rock, click HERE.

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